Need some help should I make this trade?

Giving Edelman
Getting Mark Ingram


Giving mike Williams and Guice
Getting Mark Ingram

wouldn’t do either deal

who are you other RB’s? and what kind of format is your league?

Other RBs are:
Bell, James white, Jordan Howard, Carlos Hyde and jalen Richard so pretty thin on rbs. It’s a full ppr league and it’s only 2 wrs in the starting line up instead of the standard 3 wrs.
My other wrs are: juju, Pettis, tyrell Williams
He also offered me Ingram and Marvin Jones for Edelman and guice

not certain i would do that, I believe edelman is still going to be the safety valve for brady since gronk isnt there anymore

is anyone on the WW like Hill from BAL or Singletary from BUF or Jackson from SD?

Unfortunately none of them! And I agree I really don’t want to let Edelman go, I feel I can pull something off with mike Williams but not sure what

i would hold then

I want to trade Travis Kelce and Devin Singletary for Leveon Bell. I have Mark Andrews backing Kelce which I believe could be an eventual TE1. I’d have Bell and Henry starting Rb’s. Thoughts?

@CadenG33 i do not trust Henry at all also why posting a question in someone elses thread when not helping them out

Yeah I think I’m going to wait it out, just really worried about my RBs I see white as more a flex this year and he’s my RB 2 so just a little worried

I’m in a standard league with yardage bonus at 120, in my starting lineup I have Kamara, Mixon, Fournette, and benching Ekeler. I got a trade offer that’s OBJ for Fournette. What do you guys think?

Give away edelman/AB
Receive keenan allen/ aaron rodgers
My rb are david johnson/duke/tevin
Wr julio

Nope, neither