Need some help w/ keepers

Hey Footclan! I’m in a 10-team 1/2 PPR league. I know it’s pretty early, but I would like some advice on my next-year keepers. I need the top 3 out of these:

Todd Gurley for 1st
Melvin Gordon for 1st
Juju for 6th
Cooper Kupp for 10th
Mike Williams for 14th
Baker Mayfield for 16th
OJ Howard for 16th

Juju is for sure in there. Cooper Kupp is decent value, just worried about coming back from his injury. And probably OJ Howard? That’s what I’m thinking currently. Do you agree?

Do you know your draft position?

I would almost never keep a QB unless it was a Superflex or 2QB league. Equally I would almost never keep a TE unless it was TE premium, 2TE, or you had a top 3 TE at an increidble value. Kelce in in the 12th for example. Could not pass that up. Howard does not fit into one of those categories for me.

Agree that Juju is a lock. Great value for a player who’s ADP will likely be in the 2nd come draft season. Kupp in the 10th is also a strong contender.

My final answer (not knowing draft position) is likely:
Gordon in the 1st
Juju in the 6th
Kupp in the 10th

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Won’t know draft position until a few weeks before the draft. I agree on not keeping a QB. You make a good point on the TE as well. Appreciate the help @fun4willis

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Same as @fun4willis- wouldn’t keep a QB. As of now, I’d keep Gurley for sure. Simply put, I’m guessing most of the top-tier RB’s are going to be kept, meaning you’ll miss out on them unless you’re pick #1 and could take Gurley (or similar) while keeping someone else.

Give yourself that top 3 RB and don’t look back. On top of that, I think your next keeper has to be Kupp. I’m a diehard Steelers fan and though I absolutely love JuJu, I don’t know how he’ll do being the true #1. I’d rather pay a 10 for Kupp who is a clear target fav of Goff and #2 WR with #1 upside.

Howard is interesting but historically, Arians doesn’t use a TE.

Gurley, Gordon Kupp for me!!! Love Kupp at that value!