Need some help with a trade

I’m looking to try and improve my RB group and am open to trading any of my WRs, which would benefit the teams with the players I’m targeting.

Current RBs: CMC, Robinson, Swift, Carter
Current WRs: Diggs, Metcalf, Pittman, Deebo, Moore

Players I’m looking to acquire are owned by two people.
one owner has - Najee, JT
The other owner has - Ekeler and Kamara

Who would you target and and what do you think will get the trade done?

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I’d try to buy low on Ekeler. He didn’t have the best game fantasy wise this week, so I would try to buy low on him


Thank you! What do you think I’d need to give up for him?

Imho, even though Ekeler did not have the best game yesterday, you are still going to have to pay up for Ekeler.

He is still the RB3 (PPR)/RB4 (STND) overall currently, who sees great volume in a good offense. He looks to be the teams co-RB1 with Kamara in a season where great/elite RBs are at a premium.

Think of it this way, what would get you to give up Ekeler if you had him on that exact team.

Personally, some combo of J Rob/WR or Swift/WR or even CMC/WR would be a start to attempt to pry Ekeler away.


I happily take Najee or Ekeler. I think Deebo + Robinson/Carter could get you there.

As a JT, Kamara, or Najee owner in almost every league, I can tell you it’s going to be CMC and a piece to get me to move ANY of them. Where you’re sitting with CMC just having returned, Robinson was one of the more serviceable backs, Carter emerging and Swift playable mostly, your situation isn’t as bad as you perceive. The thing is, if one of those owners with 2 stable backs wants to trade, you’re going to pay up so I’d use roto or something to ensure your value offered is pretty generous if you want something to go through.

You have a good team and I think you’re going to hurt it more than help it trying to get one of those players unless you can find an owner who wants to swap one for one on whomever you like least.