Need some help with my 0.5 PPR team

I am in a 10 team 0.5 PPR league, and i am currently 3-0 with the 3rd most PF and only 40 points behind the 2nd guy. I feel my team is a little weak in RB and was thinking of making trades here is something I Was thinking about doing.

My roster is:

QB: Wilson

WR Cooper, Woods, Boyd, Fitzgerald, Scary Terry & Edelman.

RB: Carson, Ekeler, Penny, & CMC

TE: Waller & Kelce.

I was thinking of trading away Kelce for a top 10 RB like Bell, or DJ or something in that regards and using waller since he has been pretty good and Kelce hasn’t been bad just feels kinda disappointed by him is all.