Need some help with my roster please help

So I’m sitting at 4-4 my teams been up and down all year and I’m looking to change things up. My team is:
Tyreek Hill
Jared cook
Jarvis Landry

Bench: Lockett
Chris Thompson
Doug Martin

Is there anything you guys would change? I was thinking of trading a guy like Zeke or Landry and just changing it up a bit maybe even trade Thielen what you guys thing?

First your team is solid and I am pretty sure when you win it’s mostly on the backs of your WRs.

  1. I would not look to move Thielen(unless someone offers something incredibly stupid for him)
  2. I would not actively shop Zeke either, he had one bad game
  3. Landry you can shop around but I would use him as part of a package for an upgrade to a struggling team with one of their studs on bye.

I was thinking of going after David Johnson who’s on bye this week, the guy who has him is 9th in a 12 team league and I know he said looking to make trades

Both Thielen and Zeke are worth more than Johnson straight up

No no not for zeke or Thielen I was thinking of a package with Landry maybe like Landry and Ingram for David Johnson or something like that not sure if he would go for it what you think I could pull off to get Johnson without giving up Thielen Zeke

  1. yes you can get him without giving up Zeke & Thielen(if he wants them, it’ll need to be Johnson+ before even entertaining it)

If you trade both Landry and Ingram, who will you flex?
It may downgrade your starting lineup, what are his roster needs? Try going for Landry or Ingram + depth that can start on his roster.

I could flex Chris Thompson or maybe Tyler Lockett for the week, good news is the guy I’m playing this week is without Odell Beckham and Aj green so not saying it will be an easy win cause it never is in fantasy but it’s lookign good for this week he needs a receiver for sure