Need some help with trades

So I’ll put down my team below
I was wondering if I should trade away Julio for a big name rb as I’m pretty thin there or if I could package something else
Also this league very stingy on trades, I offered really good offers to people and they don’t bite.

Okay so if you trade Julio you would need another solid WR along with an RB. You have depth at WR but they aren’t reliable starters. Another note I would take the chance and start Jackson over Freeman this week. TEN is a great defense and Jackson could get loads of touches against the dolphins since he’s considered the back up.

Guy in my league has Mack and cupp, should I try and get them or sub out cupp and try to get Mack and tyreek

honestly idk if I would trade anyone…your wr core is pretty good and the rbs you have are decent especially if carson will quit fumbling…coleman should be back next week and Singletary was productive before he was hurt…if your league is stingy on trades I might hold off but if you just have that trade itch…target league mates that are towards the bottom with the worst records…they maybe more likely to accept an offer.