Need some insight

I’m in a 12 team half-ppr with 6 play off spots.

Would you trade Boyd, D. Williams, and Eckler for Hill,Brieda and Carson?

Other WR: Evans, D. Jackson, Robinson
Other RB: Zeke, Thompson, J. williams

Im 3-2 and feel like this could make or break my season. What is the cap on D .Williams. I just cant get over the fact that the players im giving up have pretty good 2nd half match ups in comparison.

Maybe too many parts here? There is risk with Hill, but also reward vs. consistency with Boyd. D Will is on KC, so not too much of a cap. Eckler may just be in a time share like Breida … and Carson when Penny is fully healthy.

Seems lateral. Boyd is arguably your best/most stable WR. Better matchups is a worthy consideration.

Sorry - tough call.