Need some lineup advice in a must win week

18 person league Full PPR.

Is this the right lineup to go with?

I’ve been debating swapping out Montgomery for Jonathan Taylor or Dobbins because the matchups for them are so good and I don’t know if the lions run defense will improve or not with a new HC.

Also I’m picking up Phillip Rivers and dropping Wentz if the claim goes through should I start him over Big Ben?

I think you have it right Jt has disappointed all year pretty much. As a Detroit fan i really doubt we make some huge improvement against the run. We might be a little better with the play calling but Monty should still get plenty of work and probably a TD.

That is an outrageous squad for 18 teams.

yeah, unfortunately I’ve had some bad luck with people scoring a lot when they go against me though so if I don’t win this week I’m probably missing the playoffs despite scoring the second most points in the league.