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Need some QB advice! Lost Rodgers, now I’m scrambling to find a QB!


Footclan! Below is my team and the QB options on waivers. Should I pick two QBs to stream? Or only pick one up for now?

If so, who? And if I’m grabbing two, who should I drop in addition to Rodgers?

QB: Rodgers

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Thompson, Cohen, Ellington, Gore and Breida

WR: Mike Thomas, Adams, Jeffery, Hogan, And Parker

WAIVER OPTIONS: Mariota, Wentz, Palmer, Rivers, and McCown


Dude your team is still in phenominal shape. If your waiver wire is THAT stacked with startable assets I see no reason to pick up 2 players. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to look at matchups for next week but Wentz has been elite so far this year. Don’t tilt and drop one of your assets for a qb that’s gonna put up points on your bench


Thanks! I’m all about just going with one QB, especially if you have an elite player. Wentz is definitely on top of my list, but he does have a week 9 matchup vs DEN and then a bye.

My thinking was locking up two great QBs, and streaming the rest of the way. But I’m struggling to figure out who else I would drop.

Also, how much would you spend on someone like Wentz? I have $40/$100 left of my budget.


I was going to ask what your scoring format is, but with that team, I would be comfortable streaming a QB or picking up one. I wouldn’t even try a big trade for a top QB because you can earn enough points to keep you ahead with a streamer. Of those QBs, Mariota and Rivers have the best matchups wks 12-16 for a playoff run, but Wentz could arguably finish as a top 6 QB this season.

What’s your record so far?


I’m 5-1 in a half PPR league.

I definitely agree with you. I love pairing Mariota with Wentz, but it would mean having to drop one of my RBs. If I had a choice though, I’d definitely grab Wentz as my every week starter. I would just need replacements for his week 9 matchup vs DEN and week 10 (bye)


Personally I don’t like spending money on a QB and I save my money for RBs and WRs due to position scarcity. Look around your league, see who has a QB need and try to predict who will buy one (And check transaction trends to see who’s streaming, who’s putting zero or 1 dollar bids on qbs). If you have a daily FAAB waiver I would totally just throw out a few zero dollar bids to see what happens. Wentz, Mariota, Palmer, and Rivers arent all going to be picked up most likely, I’d gladly take whatever’s left at QB and save the cash for RBs and WRs. That’s just me though, you know your league and at the end of the day it’s your gut call.


You’ll be fine. Plenty of QB’s to stream on the waiver wire.