Need some QB and Flex Help

I was on a run at this he end of the season and then lost Wentz and A Brown. Rivers killed me last week. So I fighting for third place against my nemesis that I wound love to crush. This is my current lineup. I am back and forth between Rivers and Bortles. Also, don’t have a strong feeling about either flex spot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is there anyone on the bench you would start over Hyde, Coleman, and or Riddick? And Bortles or Rivers?

QB- Rivers
WR- Hill
WR- Thielen
RB- Fournette
RB- Hyde
TE- Gronkowski
Flex- Coleman
Flex- Riddick
K- M Bryant
DEF- Chicago

K Williams
B Powell
K Cole
C Brate

Close but im leaning towards Bortels. Chargers are a little more banged up and a 12:00 game for a west coast team is very early. #NextGenStat lol

Thanks man.

Would you stack Cole with him instead of playing Hyde?

Absolutely, I almost picked him up but got juju. Hyde against Jax no thank you.