Need some QB help

Keenum vs CAR or Winston vs DET???

  • Keenum has gotten me into the playoffs and has been fairly consistent but draws a tougher matchup this week.
  • Winston is sitting on waivers and I could pick him up and start him. Something about him makes me really nervous to use in the playoffs though. He can be so unpredictable sometimes.

FWIW I have Thielen and my opponent has Evans.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Personally, I trust Keenum more and you have Thielen for the combo. I’d go with him.

I have a QB question of my own… Cousins vs LAC (strong defense) or Garoppolo vs HOU (poor passing def)

Cousins has been pretty inconsistent…and we don’t know a whole lot about Garoppolo but seems to have a better chance of 18+ points.


I’m playing Winston this week. He’s at home and without much of a running game he will sling that ball. When healthy he has a pretty solid floor. I think Keenum is good to but the Carolina D is good when it shows up.