Need some quick trade advice! Thanks!

Full PPR the guy is open to trading anyone on his team. He said he mainly needs TE but I don’t think I want to trade Fant, there’s not a lot on the waiver to replace him. Should I leave my team or try to get someone from him? Planning to drop Brown to stream Tannehill this week. We can also trade draft picks(keeper league)
My team
CMC, Hunt, Monty, Gibson, Hines, Brown
Hopkins, Moore, Parker, green, djax
His team
Connor, Ajones, Moss, Kelley, Gaskin
AJBrown, Boyd,Mwilliams, sanders, ARob
Logan Thomas

I dont see much on his team to compensate for the loss of Fant.

My advice would be to stay put and stick with picking up Tannehill to stream.

See if he’ll do something like Fant + Green for Logan Thomas + AJ Brown. doesnt have to bee green and Brown if you dont like that but its something to consider. Id be fine with Logan Thomas

Im in a similar boat. I’d stay with Fant.

I mean I wouldn’t hate getting something like Joshua Kelley and Logan Thomas for Noah Fant, but I also couldn’t fault anyone for holding fast with Fant.

Honestly the more i look at it. The more I feel good with how my team looks, I think I’ll be able to stay afloat until cmc gets back :crossed_fingers:I don’t think Kelley is much of an upgrade to what I have plus I still believe Fant will be okay even with driskel