Need some rb help boys! CJ Anderson or Lewis standard

In a huge battle and need this win, going against Brady tonight, do I roll with Lewis? Or Denver gonna go run heavy tonight and go with Anderson?? Thanks

I dont think Denver can go run heavy tonight. I know Tom Brady isnt always the best at at Denver but I think they are going to force Denver to throw a lot trying to stay in the game. Dion Lewis has been consistent and you never really know what the Pats are going to do, but by now you should know what you need to win your game in fantasy. If you need a safe 5-7 points with touchdown upside, i would go with Dion Lewis. If you need a monster game, id just throw CJ out there. I have lost all trust in CJ though. Booker might even be a better option at this point.

Thanks for the advice, I went with Lewis since I saw Gillslee was inactive today… I do agree with your comment though, CJ has been horrible lately and Brock doesn’t help the situation

Wasnt expecting a TD on a kickoff but hey lol.