Need some rb help fellas

I have 5 rb’s and need to play 3. I have Mixon, Gordon, Gus Edwards, Ken Dixon, and Damien Williams. I know Gordon and Mixon are a no brainer, but what do yall think with the other 3? Thanks in advance

Gus Bus or Williams. Keep monitoring Ware’s health.

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I would like to play Williams also.

any other suggestions?

If Ware plays, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they split touches between Ware and Williams. That makes both of them a riskier play since we won’t know who will get the TD’s or volume.

I agree, then also dont know who is going to get the most touches for baltimore

I just picked up Ballage too, now i have several options.

I don’t like Baltimore’s backfield as much since it could be anyone that gets the touches. Ballage is intriguing, but with only 1 game under his belt, it’s hard to trust him. I contemplated picking him up, but think it’s just too risky to try and use him as of now (even with how much Miami seems to not like Drake).

yeah im torn, i dont know what to do

Ballage is going to get the workload, Spencer Ware sounds like he will be playing which will limit Damien William’s usage.