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Need some RB Suggestions


At RB I have Hill, McFadden, Quiz Rodgers, Rawls, and Murray. I was going to ride with McFadden and Quiz week to week until I could claim a better option later in the year but now with the game being changed to week 11 and Elliott playing game 1 I’m not sure who to start! Help!


I only see two ways to address this, Plan 1A: Start Hill (He should be the starter this week) and start Murray and hope for some goal line work and 10 carries. Plan 1B: Start Hill with Rawls and hope his ankle is ok.


I only need to start one. So probably go Hill?


Yeah I would start Hill. But definitely keep a watchful eye for his status as Sunday approaches. If the situation gets funny for some reason then Murray is your back up plan in my eyes. Good Luck Bud


I can pick up Theo riddick. Would that be a better option than Murray or Hill? The only reason I haven’t yet it cause I’m not sure how good he will do for me in standard.