Need some Seattle WR bye week help please--

Other than Baldwin which other receiver off there team should i pick up? Richardson or Lockett? I am dropping Reed to do this as i am going with J Graham ROY----ALSO would you just pick up Fuller instead? full point ppr–thanks!!

Sanu is available as well-i have ALLEN then HILL on byes week 9 and 10-Been riding them 2 and been flexing my strong rbs-MUCH HELP APPRECIATED!!!

If its will fuller youre talking about he would be the one to add. Having to many players on the same team can be great or terrible. If the offense moves this coming week as they did against Huston then youre golden. However if they have a bad offensive night then you have 3 players whos upside is severely limited.


thanks-i have to drop J Reed as i cant continue to hold a roster spot for his injuries etc any longer-if fuller is snatched up would Sanu be a good pickup or Marvin Jones? ppr full point

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I too am dropping J Reed, I have gronk and I have been holding onto him for weeks so that I would have a great fill in for his bye week, and of course Reed goes down the week before I need him. Personally I would rather have Sanu, his playoff schedule has TB sandwiched between two bouts against NO.

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Get them both if you can!

Dont have the room for both or i would-just put in a claim for fuller and if i dont get that im gonna snag sanu??

droppin reed-----

IMO that’s the best move