Need some SERIOUS HELP/ADVICE with a trade

Hello clans - So I have attached my team and the other guy’s team that I want to make a trade with. I was thinking of trading away Tate and acquire White, but then I will have 2 Pats players… The reason I’m trying to trade away Tate is because I already have Golladay. Need some serious trade advice…


@MikeMeUpp your thoughts man?

Don’t really see many trade opportunities here between you and this guy tbh. I agree you should be trading Tate but not sure if this is the guy.

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Yeah, agree with Mike, I dont see a trade here. Need to go to a team who needs WR help.

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thanks guys…

Depends on your teams status/record. If you’re sitting pretty you could gamble on cook. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got him for Tate

Possibly trade Burton for Njoku???

Also, maybe it’s just me, but if I’m the other guy, I think I do need WR help. I wouldn’t feel the greatest about having just Gordon, Evans, and Coutee as my only rostered WRs.

If you really want White, then yeah I’d send out the trade. His WRs are good,not great and might want depth. Worst he can say is no and like you said you already have Kenny G. You’re not going to start both during a week.

Man… I have a really good team but somehow I am 2-4 and currently on the 9th spot. My PF and PA are not bad, so one or two wins will get me in 3rd or 4th spot… Last week I was playing against a guy who started Gore and Duke Johnson with Hooper. Killed me…