Need some serious lineup advice!

This is a PPR league.

I have Aaron Jones locked and loaded as my RB1 but I’m having trouble deciding who to plug into my RB2 slot for the semifinals. It’s between:

Patrick Laird @ NYG
Raheem Mostert vs ATL
Deandre Washington vs Jacksonville

Obviously, Josh Jacobs’ status is uncertain right now…but what would you guys do if:

  1. Josh Jacobs is OUT - Laird, Mostert or Washington
  2. Josh Jacobs is playing - gotta assume Washington is out, so it’s just between Laird or Mostert

If Jacobs is out, I’m thinking Washington might be the move, but it’s a tougher matchup than the other two. If Jacobs plays, I feel like Laird is the safer play…can probably get about 10-15 points easily…but Mostert has higher risk/reward, ranges anywhere between 5 points to 25…there’s just too many mouths to feed on that SF backfield with Breida back and Coleman still around, BUT Mostert is getting the bulk of the work lately AND producing.

I don’t want to make the decision based on if I need a safe play or a homerun…I want the most points this week, plain and simple. Who do you guys think provides that???


If Jacobs is out I like Washington. I’m looking at that situation too. The JAX match up is second best actually. At least ESPN has them ranked 31st against the run so I think it’s good for Washington. I like Mostert more than Laird too. On the one hand Laird might get more passing work, on the other it seems like their offense will just slow down without Parker and so you have limited TD chances. Callahan said Mostert has basically forced them to treat him like the RB1 and he’s been super productive even with 12-15 touches.

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Rank as follows:

Mostert - limited usage but EFFECTIVE
Washignton - He’d be 1 if Jacobs is out. Rushing and receiving opportunity.
Laird - I just can’t trust that offense with so many injuries and they’ll be playing from behind

So it looks like you guys like Washington if Jacobs is out…

If Jacobs is playing, roll with Mostert.

Sound about right?