Need some serious playoff help!

What’s up Footclan! So as you know the playoffs are among us, and your boy could use some help!

This is for my standard league, which I had Fournette play last night for a whopping 3 points… my question is what to do at QB??

My Options are:

Kirk Cousins - At Seattle (Monday Night)
Carson Wentz - At Dallas (Go Birds)
Jameis Winston - Vs New Orleans (just picked up on waivers)

After the Fournette debacle, ESPN Projections have it that I will lose 97-92 and that is with Kirk Cousins in. I need your help footclan because I am an Eagles fan and I am leaning going Carson Wentz, but I don’t want my bias to get in the way. Is Winston actually going to produce like the rankings say or is he going to turn into the interception prone QB he has been for the majority of his career? Will Wentz or Cousins lead to the promised land? I need your guys hel! Any and all is appreciated!!

I would play Jameis Winston, believe he has the most upside…
The Saints have been good vs the run, so I think the Bucs will throw a lot to keep up with the Saints offense…
Wentz scares me to play this week because the Dallas D has been playing great…

Safest = Cousins
Highest upside = Winston
Toughest matchup = Wentz


First off, forget those projections. 40% of the time, they work every time.

Out of those 3, I would play Winston this week. Cousins on the road @ SEA will be rough in my opinion. Winston is a consistent 300 yard passer with INT downside facing a generous NO passing defense. Also, Dallas defense has been playing lights out lately.


I appreciate it, and I’m thinking about rolling the dice on Winston. I do also agree he has some real good upside with the matchup and the fact he’s literally playing for his job rest of season. It’s unfortunate because you just never know with all 3 of them. For example 2 weeks ago Cousins put up 26 points, yet last week in a plus matchup he put up 8 points. Wentz has been pretty good thus far minus the saints game. And Winston has been great these last 2 weeks but can he keep that up moving forward? Mmm decisions decisions

Winston. That is your best shot. They have to pass and they have the weapons. Also, piss poor field conditions for DB’s and the Saints can barely cover regardless. Nothing is saying Winston can’t have a decent game, maybe even the best of his career since the Saints D will be slowed in pursuit. Winston may even take off running for some sick yards.

LOL. And that 40% is probably stretching it. But you’re exactly right. You can rarely count/depend on the “projections”.

Here’s something I found the other day and posted on another topic. Kinda goes along with your comment:

Looking at the chart, it’s obvious that New Orleans struggles against wide receivers. That gives the Buccaneers a plus matchup in Week 14, as no group of wide receivers has produced more receiving yards than Tampa Bay’s. And it’s not close, either – they have nearly 400 more yards receiving than the second-place Los Angeles Rams. Considering this game is being played in Tampa Bay this week, you can confidently start Jameis Winston and his wideouts.

A word of Winston caution. Watch the weather. It is supposed to be nasty in tampa for the game I hear. If its windy/raining that doesnt bode well for winstons ceiling. Might look to someone like Baker instead of him (if hes out there) or roll with Cousins in that instance

Oh wow. Hadn’t heard that. BUT…yes…especially if very windy, which is always a problem against the pass. And of course, a wet ball and gloves doesn’t help either.

Thanks for pointing that out. :+1:

But they all are just like shooting in the dark I believe
Weather and matchups suck
Cousins has a good offense right now and they are treading up. Seattle isn’t as tough as it used to be.
Winston is 0-60 literally anywhere inbetween so there is upside
And I have never owned wentz but he usually puts up good numbers against me but Dallas has been playing good and that should be a good game.

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So if you needed upside, and based on the bias towards playing Winston for upside over Cousins, what is the take on playing Diggs vs. Humphries or possibly Godwin? Would Diggs be deemed to be safer, with either of the TB WR’s to have the speculative upside? Just curious as I have Diggs and Humpries and understand this is a plus matchup against NO… Just speculating based on the QB responses… For the record I have Diggs and Robert Woods in the lineup… I am also playing Winston over Matt Ryan…

Winston. Be careful of wind speed in this game though, if >15 mph if go Wentz

@Both_Barrels_Blazing, I think I would definitely play Woods.

If the weather sucks in Tampa I’d lean Cousins, I think Philly will lay an egg in Dallas; Dallas DST has been en fuego lately…

What about Josh Allen at home against the Jets, or TRUTH-bisky hosting the Rams in the cold? Is that too insane to stream him? I streamed Winston last week to get into the playoffs and dropped Wentz for him…

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Gonna be close. Right now the ACCUWEATHER forecast for Tampa is winds gusting up to 14MPH.

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@Both_Barrels_Blazing. I’ve got Truby, but struggling on whether to start him or not with that shoulder injury. Figuring CHI is gonna be wanting to take major precaution with him since they’re looking at an incredible shot at the P/O’s for the first time in seems like forever.

If the wind is a factor in Tampa I’d Cousins in Seattle for this gent… But Josh Allen is interesting and I am sure he’s on waivers… He has a good floor with all the rushing he’s expected to do and has been doing…

I’ve got Wilson also. BUT…prob gonna end up going with Truby. Especially since my opponent this week has OBJ. BUT…LOL…he also has Big Ben, Julio and Ertz. And figuring he’s gonna prob throw Robert Woods in for OBJ.