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Need some serious roster advice/direction


I’m feeling very worried about my roster (10 team standard). I’ve been thinking of trying to make some trades but I dont even know what I have that I could part with to offer. I need (reliable) depth in both wr and rb positions. I have a lot of rb but as you will see I am very, very worried about my team long term. So here is the roster:
Rus Wilson
Mike Thomas
Martavis Bryant
Lev Bell
Marshawn Lynch
Jordan Reed
Flex: D Jackson

J Hill
Donte Moncrief
Jamaal Charles
Def: Seattle

Because my bech is so brutal, I feel like my main guys are too valuble to part with for what I would get in return. Its a fairly deep league too so Tarik Cohen and Chris Carson are already owned. Any ideas on who i could trade or just straight drop would be much appreciated. I’m having a tough time coming up with anything.


Personally speaking, I might try and see what kind of value you could get for Lynch. Gore as an RB2 is not a bad play at all pending what you get back. I pick Lynch specifically as I think if you’re trying to build depth, he might get you the most based off name value. Granted, ill admit I’m also not as high on Lynch as some others are.


thanks for the advice. I figured I’d have to go in that direction with someone like lynch with my bench being what it is. Im going to see what I might be able to get with him.


Looking at your team, you’re not in bad shape. In my opinion Hill and Moncrief could be dropped to make room for guys with more upside potential. I feel that Mixon will eventually take over in Cinci, and without Luck, Moncrief is a bust.

As far as trades go, I would wait for Bryant to have a big week and try to sell high on him so you dont have 2 Steelers.

Guys I would target on the waiver wire would be:
J. Allen
Corey Davis
K. Golladay
C. Kupp
Marlon Mack - 1 fewer snap than Gore but same touches. Could take over (secure Ind backfield)


Thank you this is solid info, I can see a bit of a plan now.