Need Some Start/Sit Advice Before Thurs. Night Kickoff

In a 10 team 1/2 PPR league I need to choose two of three WRs (one for my WR2 and one for my flex - Hopkins is my 1)
WR Brandin Cooks
WR Jarvis Landry
WR Alshon Jeffery
Normally I would play Jarvis and Cooks but the game script, concussion, and possible snow forecasted for Cooks and the DEN-LAR matchup all worry me. Should I plug Alshon in for one of these guys? (I’ll be sure to put him in my WR 2 spot instead of the flex if I do cuz he plays on Thurs. night)

I think I would play Alshon over Cooks. Landry should be in your lineup every week IMO