Need some team help. (Trade scenarios)

Im in a 14 team 1/4 PPR. Im going to be 4-2 after tonight. Ranked Around 6/14
QBs - Jameis and Stafford RBs- DJ, Yeldon, Brieda, Lindsay WRs - Diggs, TY, Shepard, Watkins, Callaway TE- Jimmy G K - Bailey and I stream DEFs

This week I want to pick up a WR on waivers. Are Shepard and Watkins drops? Top FAs are Wilson, Gabriel, Kirk, Chester. I like Gabriel to start and Kirk for a stash.
My RBs are set but I want to trade DJ. I think a DJ/JimmyG to upgrade my RB. My top 3 targets are Kamara, Melvin, Zeke. Maybe Hunt or McCaffery. Njoku is a FA so I’d pick him up to replace.

Melvin owner has Baker as his QB I could offer him one of my QBs. DJ/JimmyG/Stafford for Melvin/Cooks? Its weird trading QBs and TEs.

Kamara owner has Luck/ Rivers and Ebron so I couldnt trade Jimmy or a QB. I’d have to give up a WR along with DJ probably TY for Kamara. Which probably wouldnt go for that. He could stack Luck/ TY when healthy.

Zeke owner is 0-5 so he needs change TE is Reed. So Jimmy would be an upgrade. DJ/Jimmy for Zeke? Id love that.

Hunt owner has Mahomes and Wilson so there goes my QB trade. Hooper and Burton as TE might want to Jimmy G i think he has good value cause his name. With him I’d do a DJ/Diggs or TY for Hunt/Baldwin. Even though that seems unlikely.

McCaffery owner has Cam and Carr. He also had Mike Evans so maybe he’d want Winston. He has Sanders, Evans, Tyrell, and Keke. Would you do DJ/Winston/TY or Diggs for McCaffery and Sanders?

That is all. If you read all the way Thanks.