Need some Trade advice for Michel

I was trying sell him and got offered Carson, Tyreek Hill, and Mike Evans for Michel, Keenan Allen, and Diggs

As long as you can survive without hill for a few weeks that’s a solid trade. Hill is better than Allen, Carson is better than Michel, and Evans is more consistent that Diggs. I’d do it as long as you can keep Hill on your bench for a few weeks.

I’d take it. More upside and less of a chance of injuries down the road (Michel, Allen, and Diggs have injury history). I would see if R. Penny is available for a handcuff to Carson though. T. Hill a top 10 WR when he’s back and you’re ready for a playoff run.

Ok that sounds enticing, my other rbs and wrs btw are Mccafrey, Singletary, Godwin, Breida with 2 Flex spots

I don’t like stacking M. Evans and C. Godwin without any other options until T. Hill makes his return unless you believe they will score 30+ combined each week (which is possible with OJ Howard not getting looks). Tough call.

Yea I agree, I may be able to pick up a Chiefs receicver off waivers tomorrow but besides that I do not really have other options for WR. With that being said does the trade hurt me more?

See what you get off of waivers and then reassess your situation. Or, get a trade ready to dish Evans for someone (I wouldn’t sell Godwin). Maybe Evans straight up for a Rams WR?

Yea, I am sure I could get a rams wr with either evans or godwin