Need some trade advice please help!

Full PPR. Trade away mike Evans and get Melvin Gordon? RBs are kamara, Ekeler, Sony and Coleman so it would be good to get Gordon but wr would be tyrell, Edelman, Lockett and Dorsett?

I wouldn’t trade Evans away for that. We don’t know what type of work Gordon will get. I’d see if he would do Tyrell, Edelman, or Lockett for him. I personally think it will be more of an even split than last year with how good Ekeler has been, but I’ve heard other people say the opposite so who knows.

Agree with @sdatkins your WR can’t take that hit, all for selling Evans on a high but you need to get the right return to not weaken your WR core too much.

Also as mentioned we don’t 100% know what Gordon will be. I suspect he will go back to being the majority share back in the Chargers 2 back system with Ekeler back to his role but it could be closer to 50/50, or he’ll get overloaded with volume and will get hurt. He always does