Need some trade advice?

I’m in a 12 team half point PPR league. I have a decent core of RBs with Gordon, McCaffrey, Collins, Powell, Kerryon, and Eckler, but I need a WR.
One of my league mates asked if I would be willing to part with one of the RBs and he has 2 WRs that I am sort of interested in pursuing. He has Diggs and Kupp.
I offered him Powell for Diggs, more so to start the conversation but also because Diggs didn’t have a great week and maybe he’s on tilt. He said no
Should I:
Add Geronimo Allison to my existing offer and keep going for Diggs
Pivot to trade Kupp for Powell straight up
Or offer Alex Collins in place of Powell in either of those offers

Curious to hear peoples thoughts

Thanks in advance

Yea Diggs for Powell is absurd no one would do that trade if they owned Diggs…kupp for Powell is fair…I’d rather hold onto Collins than trade him