Need some waiver opinions

12 team full PPR 5 WR and 5 RB limit. Start 2 RB, 3 WR and 2 Flex

QB: Dalton, Ben

WR: OBJ, Jones Jr, Davis, Lockett, Cooper

RB: Fournette, Yeldon, Collins, Smallwood, Royce

TE: Burton, Vance

Mack and Ito are both on waivers and will try to pick one up. Who should I drop- Smallwood or Royce?

WRs on waivers are much deeper. Arob, Wilson, Kearse, Kirk, Rogers, Funchess to name a few. Drop Lockett or Cooper?

Drop Cooper lol.

I would rather have Smallwood than Royce because of usage.

Davis is also getting to the point of droppability. Now, would you rather stream a WR listed above, or play Davis this week to cover bye weeks? If the answer is stream a WR, then why even roster him? Let that roster clogger take up somebody else’s bench space…

So would you drop Royce for either Mack or Ito?

I like Kearse for the time being in NY with the Jets, and I like Kirk ROS as I think he’s going to explode with his matchups and relationship with Rosen. I would dump Cooper for either, maybe even Davis too for both…

I would drop Royce Freeman for either Ito or Mack, I think you should solicit some more opinions. Ito will be flex worthy due to goal line work and that lights out Falcons offense, and Luck is rolling again and Mack looks to be gaining back his form as a starter…