Need some WR2 help!

Hey guys, I need some help on who to start as my WR2 this week! I’ve got a big game and 2 of my starters are on Bye weeks. Who should I start?

Tyrell Williams vs NYG
Maclin vs OAK
Amari Cooper vs BAL (was dropped, should be able to get off waivers)

with other waivers possibilites including Funchess, Hurns, Kupp, and Jaron Brown

EDIT: Forgot to mention, full point PPR

Who would you be dropping to pick up Funchess or Brown? I prefer them both to Maclin.

I would drop Maclin. I’ve been holding on hope because I’m a Ravens fan, but it’s quickly slipping away haha not sure which one I like more though

Yeah, he’s a TD or bust. Funchess seems to have earned Cam’s trust and I like Jaron’s upside and all the targets he’s getting.

jaron brown