Need Start/Sit advice, please help!

I have a critical game this week. I need to win to stay in playoff contention.

I am worried about starting AJ Green against the Broncos. I don’t trust Andy Dalton against their tough secondary-- Brady threw a few TDs last week, but 1. That’s Brady and 2. The were RBs.

I have JuJu Smith-Schuster who’s had a great few weeks, and Crabtree who has a great matchup. I feel like they are the better play over Green this week, but I also feel ridiculous for benching Green.

In terms of RBs, I have J Howard and Kenyan Drake. I know Howard will have more volume, and he has a relatively favorable matchup, but he hasn’t seen the end zone in weeks. I think Drake against Tampa has a higher upside.

My standard league has slots for 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX, 1 OP. Everyone plays a QB in the OP slot. My 2nd QB is on Bye. I picked up Gabbert assuming Stanton can’t play. QBs are generally safe because you are almost always guaranteed double digits.

Who out the above players should I bench for Gabbert? Or should I play all of them and hope they make up the difference that I’m probably losing from not playing a QB in the OP slot?

Schuster has been hot and has a good matchup. And Crabtree also has a favorable matchup. But even against the Broncos I just don’t see how you can bench Green.

As he showed last week, it only takes one huge play for him to make a difference.

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