Need Starting a Dynasty League advice

I’m going to be starting a dynasty league this upcoming season and would love some tips and advice.

looking to be 10-12 people and it will be my first auction draft. Any tips, tricks, strategies…etc about auction drafting and how to go about the initial draft for a dynasty league are very much appreciated!

Thank you!

Tips from a Dynasty Commish
-Get 10-12 Good people who will stay
-Lay out ALL of the rules (check other posts on here about their Dynasty set ups for some suggestions)
-Use a good platform. For me Sleeper is by far the best (though they don’t have auction until later this year)
-I’d suggest the start up being auction and every Rookie draft being a linear draft going forward.
-Allow trading draft picks, it adds sooooo much.
-FAAB for waivers
-Daily Waivers is perfect for Dynasty. Add importance to FAAB .
-Set a rule to protect teams in the future if a owner quits. Example: In mine, if you trade a future pick (any round) you have to pay for the year that was traded. This prevents people from trading thier future for a playoff puch and then bailing. If they bail at least the new owner won’t have to buy in for a few years.
-Have a league chat that is very active is super important (1 reason why Sleeper is so great)

Auction tip - draft to win now, and don’t leave money on the table.

If it is a free league, I would be interested in joining and help set up the league