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Need starting WR help!


The projections for my matchup this week have me down a few points. My opponent is playing Kirk Cousins. I’m currently starting Will Fuller and Taylor Gabriel (think they both have good opportunities this week), but with the quick question of the day in today’s episode, now I’m wondering if I should start Crowder or Doctson (who are both on my bench) in hopes of getting points when Cap’n Kirk does.

Do Fuller/Gabriel provide a high enough floor compared to these guys? I feel like they do, but Skins also have a great matchup this week…thanks Footclan!!


I’d stick with Gabriel and Fuller. I’m not a big believer in Captain Kirk though.


I think I’d go with Gabriel and Crowder with his volume. Fuller can’t keep this up with only 1 or two catches a game.


My primary focus is for this week…Crowder has been a ghost so far this year and while Fuller definitely won’t sustain his pace, he has a fantastic matchup with the Browns this week. Do you still think Crowder would outscore Fuller this week?


Yeah, it’s so close between those two.