Need TE and Trade Advise

I need to get better at TE do I trade someone like carson or jones for zach ertz/kelce? Below is my current team and TE avaible in waivers. Thanks for the advice!

My Team:

Qb1: Lamar Jackson
Rb1: Dalvin Cook
Rb2: Chris Carson
Wr1: Micheal Thomas
Wr2: Keenan Allen
Wr3: Devante Adam’s
Te1: TJ Hockenson
Flex: Marquise Brown

Aaron Jones
Matt Ryan
David Montgemory
DJ Moore
Allen Robinson
Stephon Diggs


I would personally just try to get Dissley. He has looked like the #2 or 3 target in the Seattle offense the last 2 weeks. As long as he stays healthy I think he’s a decent TE. You are going to have to give up a lot to get a top TE, more than just Carson or Jones.

I have an offer
Jones for ertz

I didnt know if I should try to dump carson though