Need TE Help Please!

I have Ian Thomas and having the back-up QB is concerning. The onle TEs on waiver that might be worth streaming are Everett, Jarwin, Nannett, Jesse James, or Lacosse. Should I forget Thomas or take my chances? Or Stream any of the mentioned?

I’m in the same boat. Been having TE issues all season. I plan on sticking with Thomas this week though, seems like it might be the safest bet of all the options available.

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i would take my chances with ian thomas. Even with cam being out, hes still a much better option than the rest of those streamers. There wasnt much in the te position this season. Before i got knocked out in semis (because of Brees), i had Uzomah in as my te and kyle rudolph on bench. Not great options but i knew all my other players would perform so i wasnt too worried about the te position. Anyway, sorry for the rant but thats what im getting at, if all of your other players have great matchups and produce then you’ll be good even if your te doesnt get you double digits.