Need TE -Help Please

Lost Dissly so looking to trade or will have to grab from below. . Full PPR. 3-3 record.

On the wire is Ebron, Higbee, Eifert, Knox, L Wilson.

Current roster is below. If targeting a Top 7 TE who would you offer to trade away.

Chubb, Carson, White,M Brown, Singletary
Adams,Edelman, J Brown, C Kirk, Dede.

Thanks for the advice.

Bumping for help. Thanks

If anyone could reply that would be great


Kirk/White to a WR/RB needy team

id pick up luke wilson. seattle traded away vannet, now dissly is gone. wilson is the man at TE now and has produced some in the past. should have a decent connection with russ.

i dont think your team is deep enough to make it worth trading away a valuable asset for a tight end.

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Thanks. What about Knox and his good schedule.

id hold off on knox. kroft is coming back from injury and will eat into knox’s playing time/targets.

Look for a team that has 2 good TEs and see what their roster is lacking. Maybe try and go after a Henry, Waller or Hooper

Yeah, I’ve got Andrews, but went in and grabbed up Dissly a few weeks back when Andrews was hurt and “Q” from week to week, and then decided to go ahead and hold onto Dissly to cover for Andrews BYE since he proved to be such a big target for Wilson.

Well…wouldn’t ya know it…now that Andrews has a BYE coming up next week…down goes Dissly!!! :rage: :rage: :rage:

As with most here, the WW pickin’s for TE are slim to none, and none of my league-mates have any backup TE’s worth dickering for. So…said the hell with it and just went and grabbed Luke Wilson. Not expecting much but figure my chances with him are just as good as with anything else I could throw in. AND…SEA plays ATL next week, which isn’t too horrible. AND as @tetoleetd mentioned:

Thanks everyone

Sorry buddy. I know I wasn’t much help. Just adding my two-cents and personal situation. :roll_eyes: Best of luck to ya in what ever you decide!!! :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

People know when you are hurting lol.

Guy offered me Henry for my Adams and Singletary.

LOL…nothing like going for the jugular huh? :laughing:

He has Waller and he grabbed Henry off waivers last week.

Guy offered me Waller or Henry for Adams

I know it would be alot to give up but really need the TE.