Need TE not much out on waivers help?

I’m thinking of trading funchess and Henry for engram I need a win this week and there is nothing on the wire would you do this trade ?

No way! Believe it or not giants have given up a td to a te every week thus far…Higbee might b a sneaky play this week

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I’d say it depends on your receivers man. The tight ends are super dry this year to last years. If you can afford to move funches I’d do it. And try to get sterling Shepard for cheap if you don’t have any WRs. Personally I’d pick up Greg Olsen and hold him because he’ll be for sure the top target even with tough matchups. But kroftis your best streaming option

I’ve blown up today lol I’m 2-6 need wins now I traded Evans and Howard for fuller funchess and Martin. Then traded Keenan Allen and zeke for tyreek hill Olsen and duke Johnson.

My team other then them is Carr Winston. Peterson Coleman Montgomery hunter Henry Corey Davis All I need now is a TE. Vernon Davis and Austin hooper are the best on the wire