Need the Footlcans adivce on League Etiquette

I’m the commissioner of my league and we are a 2 keeper league. We have been going strong for 5+ years now. One of the owners in my league has decided that his team is not good enough to make a run this year and has decided to start selling off his players for draft picks next year. No problem with this at all. This happens every year so it’s not anything new. However, here is where the issue comes up:

The guy trading away all his players now has a bunch of people on his bench on the IR (in order to have them as an option as a keeper). Players such as Carson, Edelman, etc. So as of right now he has about 4 of his 5 bench spots with players that are out this year, but he is planning on using as trade bait come next season (or possible keepers). However, the BYE weeks that are going on now have left him not being able to man a full/healthy roster. I have one owner saying that it’s not fair that some people get to play him not with a full roster while others do. The owner of the fire sale team argues it’s his team and he is planning for next year, so he shouldn’t be forced to drop someone such as Edelman or Carson who hold value for him next year, just to pick up a part time sub, just to fill his roster. I tend to agree with him but I see the other owner’s point as well.

Just curious on what your thoughts are on this? Should an owner be forced to drop a future asset who is on IR just to fill his current team for the season he has already given up on?

I see the rebuilders case, however, I personally think every team should field a full starting roster each and every week. Tanking or not.

They have a legit strategy and I respect that, but it strikes me as bad form to not at least field a full starting lineup.

My vote would be in favor of the 2nd owner.

It’s his money and his team. He’s tanking. Nothing wrong with tanking. He did pay money at the beginning of the year correct?

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i can see both sides of the fence and being a commish myself.

my thoughts on the mad owner side would be what about the people who might have gotten a lose to him in the beginning of the season who dont get that freebie now that can cause play off implications going forward.

on the other side of it. its his team and he payed for it and those other owners payed whatever they did for those players so they can do what they want.

thus i think the only way to make it fair is put it up to a vote for the whole league to make a judgement on that way its not left up to just you.

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I see your point. My thought is, since we do small benches (only 5 spots), there was a week where an owner had 6 people on BYE and they were all decent/good players so he did not want to drop one. He felt that he could win his matchup rostering a team with one less player since he knew if he dropped one player on BYE to field a full team, that player would get claimed right away. This is my only argument with forcing people to man a full roster. Sometimes the BYE weeks don’t land in your favor and people have to make a decision to drop someone to fill their roster, or play one man down and hold onto the better player.

Thanks for the feedback though. Much appreciated.

Yes he did. Everyone paid so I feel similar to how you do.

Yeah I think if it becomes a huge issue I will do a league vote. Normally at the end of every season I let each owner write in one rule change they want and we vote on it as a league. So that will be an opportunity for them to voice their displeasure if they want.

Basically imo he should be able to do what he wants with his roster. If someone is concerned that other players are picking his best players then that player should step in, offer more and get that player.

I see both sides and as long as he paid I say let him do what he wants. That said, his team can’t be THAT bad that he couldn’t pick 2 keepers out of a full roster. Not sure whey he would keep guys like Carson or Edelman over guys he already had on his team?

Well there are rules to the keepers like anyone that was drafted within the first two rounds cannot be kept.

However, his mindset is he is going to stockpile as many viable keepers as possible and then just flip them next season to teams that don’t have any keepers. But I get your point. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue if the NFL didn’t feel it necessary to make every team’s BYE land on two weeks. makes no sense.