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Need this trade analyzed please help


10T full ppr redraft league…I would b trading Drake, Cooper and Hooper for Hines, Zeurlein and Njoku…the rest of my team looks like this…jimmy graham, Landry, Sanders, Lockett, Godwin, Coutee, Cook, Lat Murray, Sony, Kerryon, Chubb, and Foreman


Unless there is a reason you want a kicker or second TE that I’m not seeing, then no way.
Hooper has hype, Cooper always nets a ton in trades after a big week, and Drake is semi-startable RB3.
Hines is the same as Drake now that Mack is back. Greggy Z is just a kicker (dime a dozen), and Njoku is a lateral move from Hooper.
You can get a lot more value from all 3 of your guys.


Great commentary enough said thanks a lot!