Need this win! (don't we all?) PICK TWO

HEY CLAN, built a pretty good team over the past few weeks, but really need this week’s win! Choose two to play in flex spots:

Adam Thielen
Larry Fitz
Juju Smith-Schuster
Marquis Lee
Jamaal Williams
Orleans Darkwa

Good luck to you guys, too.

Adam Thielen and Marquis Lee

Yeah, definitely leaning Thielen but the stormy weather forecast in Cleveland scares me with Lee (very windy)

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Yeah the weather could be a factor, but he’s basically the ONLY WR option for them while hurns is out. It just seems like a safe start to me. GOOD LUCK!!

So your not buying Dede Westbrook having a 200 yard game then? haha

I lean Darkwa and Thielen.

Thielen and Juju

That’s who I have in now, but little basis for Darkwa being there. I really tempted by Smith-Schuster, but it’s a Thursday night game… I generally don’t play receivers on Thursdays if I can avoid it.

Grrrrr, lol check my response to Forty9Giants lolol

LOL… I sually avoid TNF and the London games. I named the two best IMO, but understand the hesitance to play JuJu. I also owne Darkwa and he is a decent play but he may get game situationed out if NYG get far behind early. Lee is a decent play, but your now depending on Bortles. Fitz ius a good play, but on the road, and with a new QB? Williams will go 15/50. Guess I’d go with the most talented… Fitzgerald.

Heck, still have two hours… might click on Juju yet LOLOL

well if you believe that the inclement weather could be an issue for lee, you’d have to feel the same for Westbrook who’s fresh on the field in a real game :confused: also I don’t think that Westbrook will take much away from Lee for his first game.

Thielen and JuJu