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Need thoughts on this trade


I offered Jay Ajayi and Terrence West for Devonta Freeman. Do you guys think this is a good trade? I’m just concerned about Ajayi long term with no bye week. Would love your opinion on this trade.


It seems a tiny bit lopsided towards the other guy, but it might just have to be for you to get Devonta from him. If you want Freeman badly, and you have the depth to give up two guys, I’d say go for it.


Depends on your other RBs… If you have the depth I would entertain this trade… Also is it PPR?


Yes it is a full point PPR and here’s my roster:
QB Kizer (Streaming)
RB Ajayi, Elliott, West, Kelley, Carson
WR Pryor, Hill, Jeffery, Cobb, Higgins, Garcon
TE Rudolph


Mmm I dont know if i would trade both away for Freeman, unless you really wanted him on your roster. Zeke will be fine and if Kelley comes back its a good stash. Personally i think you are fine especially this early in the season. But, I do like where your head is at about seeing how he might end up playing the 16 weeks straight.

If you really want Freeman, go for it. Otherwise I’m ok riding the Ajayi train till i really need another RB.


I would feel a bit better about a trade swapping out west for carson or swapping out west for one of your mid level WR. Ajayi is a dam good running back, and devonta is maybe a bit better just helps hes on a more high powered offense, but ajayi and west is just too much. Carson is coming off a pretty solid week, but I feel like the guy getting the production out of that backfield is going to change week to week


I think its a good trade. Freeman will be solid the whole season


Would you guys consider waiting until Ajayi plays the Jets before offering?


Yeah me personally I would do this trade… I like it… West is gonna loose touches and freeman is a great PPR RB… Ajayi is gonna burn out imo… I like it thats my call


His other runningback is Ty Montgomery, so should I try to get him or Freeman?


I really like Ty Montgomery. But, i would at that point look at strength of schedule. Who will get the better matchups later on in the season when you really need the wins.