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Need tips for dealing with starting inactive players


Trying to get some ideas before our draft. I’d love to know how your league handles dealing with owners starting inactive players. This always comes up where we have one or two people who get a little distracted and will forget to adjust their lineup for an inactive player. This upsets most of our league, so I’m trying to come up with consequences for when that happens. Any tips or advice for ways to combat this? Thanks!


Our league drops managers if they don’t set a lineup twice. Obviously depending on last minute injuries I get that it happens some times but if they are neglecting their team you need to get them out.

We replaced an owner mid year a few years ago and he has been in the league ever since.


In my league, lineups don’t carry over from one week to the next so it is less likely that an owner would start an inactive player. We specifically did this to discourage inactive players from being started.

My league has a meeting at the end of the year and anyone who has not set a lineup is automatically submitted for ejection. Through this method, we have replaced owners to the point where we have 12 reliable owners. Occasionally, owners will forget to set a lineup, but it isn’t a common thing, It happened 1-1/2 times last year. (I say half because I contacted the owner and he was able to manage a lineup with only the afternoon games.)

Before my league settled on our consistent roster of owners, I would take over the abandoned teams and start what I considered to be their best lineup to maintain competitiveness. The team I personally manage actually missed the playoffs in 2010 because I beat myself twice with abandoned teams. I can assure you, losing in that manner is the most annoying way to lose a game.

If I had to take over a team in that manner now, it is written into the league bylaws that the lineup and any roster moves will be done via the FantasyPros rankings so that there is no appearance of impropriety in the event that the outcome of a game benefits my personal team.

If the owners haven’t completely abandoned their team, this might not be applicable, but I thought I’d share my experience.


As the commissioner you need to set the lineup to balance the league. Unless it’s a late Sunday scratch, then oh well for that team. But for an owner who doesn’t look at their lineup and starts a player on bye, you need to fix that roster and put a player from the bench with the highest expected points according to whatever platform you’re playing on. You have to do this to maintain competiveness in the league. Then replace that owner asap.


In our league, we charge $10 for playing a person in bye or who was listed as out.


I agree with setting the lineup as a commish. If it happens twice, the owner is out. In the league I run, it’s all friends and neighbors so I take a soft approach and let the owner finish the season. I suppose if that owner quit all together I would find a replacement immediately.