Need to add a WR

Half point ppr.

Looking at Shenault, Cole, Gage, Pittman


Gage is way above the other three for me.

I feel like I’m really trying to decide between Gage and Shenault. I have Julio and ATL’s offense is really good and can rack up yards and points. Laviska is used in both the pass and run game though.

Who would you drop for either of them or both? Options are Rojo, Mattison or Hines.

Who would you guys rather have the rest of season? Deebo Samuel or Alshon Jeffery?

If you have Julio it definitely ties you to ATL more than you probably want to be (Matty Ice goes down and you have 2 spots affected)…but like morestagedives said, Gage is definitely above the rest.

I’d still add Gage as the best option, especially if he’s more of a depth piece and not a required start on your team. Even if you have to start him, looks like that would definitely be ok. After that it’s Shenault for upside but I won’t be surprised if he disappears too, especially once Chark is back on the field.

Drop Mattison or Rojo, whichever you believe in less. Give Hines another chance with P River

Deebo… Niners need the recieving help as Kittle/Reed is their only big play makers. The Eagles look real bad right now.

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