Need to add qb for week 4 bye. who do i drop?

I can add Tyrod Taylor now without spending FAAB. I have Cam who is on bye Week 4, and I’m sure others will be looking at Tyrod as well. Especially if he goes off this Sunday vs NO. I could drop Duke Johnson, but am only left with 3 RBs in David Johnson, Lynch and Buck Allen. I’m thinking of dropping Sammy Watkins or Keelan Cole. I’ve got Josh Gordon, John Brown, Tyreek Hill and Devante Parker. Who should I drop? Duke, Watkins or other?

.5 PPR


If you want to add him now I would drop Watkins. Cole is at least the #1 there. Watkins is 3rd or 4th in KC behind Hill, Kelce and Hunt. Plus you have Hill and will never start Watkins over Hill. I’d be ok starting Hill & Brown who’s looked good while Gordon & Parker work their way back.

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Gotta drop Parker if you’re dropping for a QB but have you checked all matchups for week 4 for available QBs or just going Tyrod because?

why are you making this decision now for week 4?

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