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Need to choose a keeper!


12 team standard league with 2 keepers which are the first 2 rounds. I have Demarco and I was planning to keep Watkins until the trade. Now I’m deciding between Watkins, Pryor, Crabtree and Adams, all lumped around the same rankings area. I’m leaning towards Pryor.

Some additional info: I have the 2nd overall pick (starting in rd 3) which will land me Ajayi based on other teams keepers (yes Ajayi isn’t good enough to be kept since he was on a team with DJ and Howard last year…). Based on mocks, at the end of the 4th rd I’m usually picking between more WR2’s with 1 potential like my keeper list…Watkins, Robinson, Bryant, Crabtree, Adams, etc are usually available at the 4.02.

If anyone has a strong case for Watkins Crabtree or Adams I’d love to hear it!


I think you kind of said it, all those WRs are lumped in together so you really just need to pick your favorite.

Personally, I would go with Crabtree. Watkins and Pryor are both with new teams so it can take some time to adjust. Adams might be next in line for me but there may be too many mouths to feed in Green Bay.

With that being said, do you have to pick 2? None of those players are really great second round picks. Would you be able to keep Demarco in the first then pick up people in the second and third?


I had Crabtree right up there with Pryor…Crabtree is the safest bet and I can still litter my team with WR2’s with 1 upside. Most mocks I’ve been doing based on guessing who the other 11 teams are keeping have me getting Ajayi, Crabtree, Martavis in rounds 3-5.

And to answer your questions, 2 players have to be kept so then people can’t void their 2nd round to pick zeke last year as an example.


So you would keep Demarco and Pryor and then Draft Ajayi, Crabtree then Martavis? That would be a really solid start!