Need to choose one keeper (or not)

Need to select (or not) one keeper from these choices. 8 team ,1 pt per rec league, each team is allowed one keeper from the previous year.


Our keeper is essentially a first round pick regardless of where they were selected the previous year. After the keeper round, the draft begins like any other redraft. I don’t have to choose a keeper if I don’t want to and my intel suggests that Zeke’s owner won’t be keeping him, thus making him available to me if I choose not to select a keeper. Even if he is still sitting out and undraftable, and I’m the only team not selecting a keeper, I can still pick from what I’m making available from my own roster by not selecting my own. I pick last in the snake (Champs!!) so I get pick 2-8 and 3-1 (keeper round is pick 1-0 through 1-8)

Wel…I just traded (while posting this) DJ, the 16th and 32d pick, for the 9th and 25th pick. His team had no worthy keepers and he has a major want for 31 on his roster. I basically moved up seven spots in rd 2 and 4 respectively for DJ. So now, I can keep a player from the group above, or not keep a player at all. Owning the first pick after the keeper round will make things much more predictable. By trading DJ, his identity as another team’s keeper is totally confirmed. I can surmise that, Barkley, CMC, Kamara, Bell, Gurley and Adams or Julio make up the other 6. That gives me an opportunity to pair one of my players with anyone not already mentioned or take two players right off the bat from the pool. I certainly feel much more confident having moved up in rds 2 and 4. I’d really appreciate any help you all could provide.

The available players you could get at 2.08, as in Elliot or Hopkins Id rather have than any players on your keepers list.

Keep no one and worst case scenario you can take any those five again for your first pick.