Need to cut 2 for K & D

Standard league 12 team.

Need to cut 2 of the players in this list to make room for a kicker and a D week 1. Who should they be?

Matt Breida
Kerryon Johnson
Marshawn Lynch
Sony Michel
Alfred Morris
Latavius Murray
Pierce Garcon
Cooper Kupp

Thanks for the help guys

Of this list, I would go Murray and Morris/Breida (don’t need both)

Garcon & Murray. I actually would want to keep him in a standard league normally, but I look at him as the bottom of the list of your other RBs.

That was my exact thoughts as well

Cut Murray for a Def. Niners play at 1:00. See how the Morris/Breida situation plays out, then drop one of them for a late game/Monday night kicker.

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