Need to cut for Baldwin

A. Cooper
C. Kupp
M. Williams
J. Gordon

My heart says Amari needs to go. Thoughts?

Not hangin with mr cooper

Amari is the only wr 1 of his respective team on that list… Im not a cooper apologist I have been burned by him two years in a row I just feel more comfortable with him than gordon. Both of them are major question marks tho

If those are your only choices, I’d ditch Amari and make him someone else’s problem if they pick him up. I dropped him in my league and feel like a weight has been lifted. Gordon could be a bust, but he could also be great … I’d hold him a few weeks to see how it shakes out.

Idk, that’s tough but I would not drop Cupp

If it’s truly a must (there’s no other way??) you’ve gotta go with Cooper here. Gordon has too much potential. Same goes for Williams, who just showed it last week and probably will again this week. And Kupp…well we all know what’s up with him. But yeah, can you do a quick Cooper-involved trade? I’ve seen him being used in lots of trades getting surprisingly close to his brand value still.