Need to cut for Corey Davis?

10 team league, so sometimes strange things happen. (non ppr)

possible cuts:

K Drake
J Gordon
M Williams

my league hates trading, so someone would have to go. Time to cut Drake?

Depends what the rest of your roster is. I’d be more willing to cut Mike Williams over Drake, if we know drake gets work. But i also get it, i mean i’m ready to cut henry because he’s been a dud too. I just also know if i saw drake on the waiver wire i’d grab him immediately.

well, here’s the rest of my line-up. i know Drake or M Williams would get scooped immediately, but Corey Davis is worth the cut, ya?

RB’s i been starting:

M Gordon, J Conner,
Flex S Michel, with Mixon on bench.

A good drake could overtake Conner or Michel for flex i guess.

WR i srtart:

D Hop, C Kupp
Baldwin on the bench.

if Baldwin (and Seatle) get right, he would go to WR2 and it would be between Kupp/Conner/Michel for the flex spot. that’s best-case, with Mixon back too

Dump Williams… he’s a #2 whereas Davis is #1 option. Hope for a decent game from Drake and maybe someone will trade for him