Need to cut one rookie RB for a defense

Hi all, I have to drop one to make room for a defense; which should I kick to the curb?

  • Justice Hill
  • Darwin Thompson
  • Mike Singletary
  • Tony Pollard

Any help is appreciated.
I currently have Pollard in the flex if zeke is still not back but maybe I could bite the bullet and let him go.

At this point after the recent news I would lean towards dropping thompson, but if the zeke talks really pick up and he signs soon 100% pollard

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Idk if this changes anything but its a 2QB league and im holding andy dalton and daniel jones on my bench as well; would you drop one of those instead (case keenum and fitzmagic are the only playable waiver wire picks still out there). I’m thinking I may just drop daniel jones instead…

Damn that makes it tough haha. My immediate reaction is drop dalton but we dont know if/when jones will start. But I would start fitz over dalton and hold onto Jones, so if that makes it easier I’d go in that direction


I may just say see ya later to dalton. The only reason daniel jones is there is cuz he was super cheap (auction league) but im not married to him but I’m curious to see how that plays out. Thanks!


Yeah I’m the same. I’d drop Dalton for sure. Not sure who else you have at QB if Dalton and Jones are on the bench?

On the RB front - I’d drop Thompson but consider dropping Hill potentially

With everything that happened over the weekend I would drop Thompson.