Need to cut somebody with Kerryon on the wire

So waivers go through tomorrow morning. Was all lined up and had a 31 dollar bid in on Kerryon Johnson and was going to drop Booker. However with the madness that has ensued with Mckinnon tearing his ACL, I beat my leaguemates to the punch and picked up both Alf and Breida right after the news broke. Dropped Booker, and also my kicker for the time being. Here’s where I run into trouble… Until the murky situation clears up a bit in San Fran, I’ll most likely have to drop someone else for the time being so I can lock down Kerryon tomorrow morning. Eventually I will have to add a kicker before games start for week 1, so somebody gets cut now, and hopefully we have clarification on Morris or Breida, and who will be the guy to own later this week. Im thinking Crowell gets the boot right now as people seem split on Morris and Breida.

Heres my bench:

RB’s: Lynch, Crowell, Morris, Breida

WR’s: Goodwin, DJ Moore, Mike Willaims

12 team .5ppr

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks FootClan.

Who are your starters? You got the 9er backfield tied up and Marshawn and Crowell. Can only start at most 3 backs depending on your format. I like to stockpile rbs just as much as the next guy, but $31 is a lot to spend on a player that isn’t even guaranteed to justify that investment. Especially before the season even starts.

Saquon and Mixon are my rb1 and 2. Starting Hogan in my flex most likely for the 1st two weeks. but thats the thing. im not going to hold both Alf and Breida most likely.

If you listened to TFFB podcast on friday, Jason said he would spend half his budget on Kerryon and Mike said 30 percent. hes not a player you can afford to miss out on especially if you missed him in drafts like i did. IMO when you have an opportunity to be aggressive and lock up a player early in the year. you do it. even before the season starts.

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Drop your D and pick up kerryon, do a trade with to someone needing rb? most likely the mckinnon owner. try and pick up a better WR. then pick up the Kicker and Defence again.

I have Diggs, Baldwin, Hogan, Marquis Goodwin, and Mike Williams and DJ Moore as upside staches. not really hurting for wide receivers. if anything id like to trade a package for an elite running back to replace Mixon.

Not trying to drop Saints D if i dont have to, especially with their first 5 matchups going into their bye. would rather hold and drop then.

Its a good idea to look for a trade tho.

Team is very similar to me, i have diggs baldwin, allen and moore. Also the saints D

I love the upside plays you have but yeah if you dont want to drop anyone, just straight look for a trade then go get kerryon.

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you really think Crowell is worth keeping over the other guys? if one of my RB’s go down, i have lynch and now SF backfield to slide in. I dont see Crowell ever cracking my lineup and was more a value pick in my auction draft. But the Jets probably will not be good, and hes going to be splitting with BLOW PLOW if i had to guess. idk… just seems like the most logical thing to do. rather have the upside with Kerryon.

I’ve sent out a couple feelers on trades well see if anything happens. have until midnight to get something done. if not. will probably drop Crow for Kerryon.

Yeah man id do that if the trade doesn’t work, i think BLOW PLOW will win the job and he is the third down back so worse case drop crowell and pick up kerryon, just dont miss the opportunity for Kerryon.

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