Need to decide between keepers

I am in a 4 keeper league and have 5 players I am choosing between.

Antonio Brown
Alvin Kamara
Larry Fitzgerald
Devonta Freeman
Jerick Mckinnon

Basically, I am deciding between Mckinnon and Freeman. Right now I am leaning Mckinnon.

This is extremely close. If PPR format I would go Brown, Kamara, Fitz, McKinnon.

Yeah forgot to mention its full point ppr.

im going freeman. mckinnon has a ton of upside, but he has a horrible floor. freeman gives you stability at a position that having stability is vital. and he is just a damn good consistent RB1

In PPR I would go with the reception potential of Mckinnon over Freeman. I agree that Mckinnon has a much lower floor than Freeman and has more risk but I think his ceiling is much higher especially in PPR. Your other three keepers are pretty consistent so taking that shot on the upside of Mckinnon might be the difference maker

I’d go Freeman. Proven talent, higher floor, higher ceiling, and it’s not like he doesn’t get work in the passing game. I’d gladly take a “water bet” that Freeman has a better season than McKinnon this year