Need to decide btw Cam and Ryan

Need to go ahead and trade one or the other before the deadline I think. My league makes Cam slightly less valuable than standard (5 pt passing TD’s, passing yardage bonuses at 300+ and stuff), but his schedule is superb. Ryan’s is good too a bit harder though.

If you were streaming QB’s ROS and the options were coming down to Carr, Smith, Bortles, Beathard, Brock from now on basically, would you give up a star for Matt Ryan or Cam? Like could I get Fuller or Ingram from you straight up?

I have Cam and Rivers and am wondering the same thing. I don’t need em both. But with the trend towards streaming QBs, I doubt I can get trade value for either of them.

I’m gonna try.

As for which of your guys to keep, I like Cam better, but only by a smidge. If someone came at you with a strong offer for Cam, you can feel good about dealing him, since you’ve got Ryan.

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Short answer is: NO

The issue with trying to trade a QB is that your market is likely 1-2 teams maybe that have questionionable starters.

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